Rancho Viejo, NM

Rancho Viejo – Sleep Under the Starry Skies of Santa Fe

A beautiful neighborhood located south of Santa Fe, the community of Rancho Viejo combines the charm of the Southwestern landscape with New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Rancho Viejo is uniquely designed as a collection of villages, each bordered by preserved open spaces with a central gathering plaza of its own.

The neighborhood creates a sense of living amid nature, complete with community amenities and homes of fantastic quality. There is an opportunity for every kind of buyer here. If you love Santa Fe’s starry nights, you will love Rancho Viejo. They have a no street light policy to allow the beauty of Santa Fe Night Sky to shine down on earth. With numerous walking trails and other outdoor activities, you can bet you will have an active lifestyle.

Brief Overview of Rancho Viejo

Spreading across 11,000 rolling acres of land filled with juniper and pinon trees and easily accessible walking trails, Rancho Viejo is located just a few miles away from Santa Fe. Perhaps, the main attraction here is the lush nature surrounding the community.

Rancho Viejo was carefully planned to preserve the natural open spaces while offering a sense of community. Its unique village concept emphasizes the area’s heritage and community and has taken special consideration of the land. Nearly 50 percent of the community in this neighborhood is preserved as natural open space and parks, separating and defining a distinct collection of villages.

Residents in Rancho Viejo enjoy a great sense of community and the vibes of a true village atmosphere. The homes here are built taking inspiration from the Northern New Mexico and Pueblo style, and villages are connected together by several trails, which offers a great way to stay active.

The paved trails are through the rolling grasslands and hillsides, offering stunning views of the mountain ideal for walking, biking, or jogging. Like in the traditional northern New Mexican style, each village here holds a central plaza where neighbors gather together for fun fiestas and other wonderful events. Additionally, the numerous amenities ranging from neighborhood parks to local businesses, outdoor recreation centers, schools, and tree-lined pedestrian streets ensure you enjoy the best quality of life.

Homes for Sale

Education in Rancho Viejo

Educational opportunities are plenty in Rancho Viejo for students of all ages. Residents send their students to Amy Biehl Elementary, Santo Nino Catholic School Pre K-6th, Capshaw Middle School, Academy for Technology and the Classics 7th-12th, Capital High School, and Academy for Technology and the Classic 7th-12th.

Students pursue higher education at Santa Fe Community College, Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), St. John’s College, and Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

The Climate in Rancho Viejo

The climate in Rancho Viejo is pretty inviting. The summers are long and warm, with temperatures averaging 99 degrees. There are 300 days of sunshine per year in the area compared to the national average of 205 days per year. This is just one of the reasons residents find the neighborhood ideal for golfing, hiking, biking, and skiing through the region’s beautiful natural surroundings.

The winters are short, mild, and windy, and it’s partly cloudy throughout the year. The winter temperatures rarely drop below 38 degrees. Rancho Viejo also receives nearly 15 inches of rain every year, which happens mostly between the months of June through October.

Make Your Home in Rancho Viejo

Located south of Santa Fe, Rancho Viejo features a combination of classic Southwestern landscape and New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Designed as a collection of villages interconnected by trails and featuring a central gathering plaza, Rancho Viejo is safe and offers a great sense of community.

Amenities are plentiful here, and so are the types of housing. Residents enjoy the safety and convenience this neighborhood offers. Situated near the highway, it is fairly easy to get around and to the community college, shopping options, grocery stores, etc.

In simple words, Rancho Viejo makes a perfect community for anyone looking to enjoy uniqueness and affordability. The area is beautiful, high on privacy, and has a relaxed atmosphere. If you are coming from a larger area, you will love the neighborhood vibe of this community. So, why not take the first step toward living your New Mexico dream?

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