HVAC Tips to Live by for New Santa Fe Homeowners

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HVAC Tips to Live by for New Albuquerque Homeowners by The Bigelow Team 505-681-1941

It may be a thrilling but often intimidating experience to purchase a new home. Whatever your situation is, whether you are moving into a new development or an existing property, you must safeguard the investment you have made in your business. That is why The Bigelow Team, compiled our best advice for ensuring that one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your Santa Fe home, the HVAC system, is operating at peak performance.

Equipment registration

If you are buying or thinking about buying a house that already has a warranty, make sure that the warranty can be passed on. (In most cases, registration is valid for up to five years.) Alternatively, suppose your equipment fails to cool or heat, and a part must be replaced. In that case, a professional technician will be able to access your system’s warranty and order the appropriate replacement directly from the manufacturer.

Make certain that you understand how your system works before using it.

It may be beneficial to run the home’s heating and cooling system through a heating and cooling cycle. Is it taking a long time for the room to drop to your preferred temperature? Is it true that certain places are colder or hotter than others? These results should be discussed with a competent HVAC specialist as soon as possible. Your home’s heating and cooling HVAC system will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Summers in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho may be extremely hot and humid.

Inspect your filters and change them regularly.

 To name a few, these factors include the type of filter(s) installed, the size of the household, the number of pets in the home, and whether there is any construction or high pollution levels in the area around your home. It is critical to change your air conditioning filter regularly.

Examine your outdoor unit.

 Ideally, your air conditioning unit should be at least 2-3 feet away from nearby shrubs or foliage. Cutting back any shrubs or plants that have grown into or near the unit may help to extend the system’s lifespan. While you’re at it, check that your system hasn’t accumulated too much dirt or debris that might prevent it from operating as efficiently as it should. If you go to the air conditioning and heating company often, you might save time and money. Our experts know how to do this as part of normal maintenance on your equipment and save you money.

Inspect your drains.

One of the most common causes of an ac system’s failure to cool properly during the hot summer months is when it has a clogged drain.

Ensure that all areas of your home are adequately cooled and heated.

The last thing a homeowner wants is for a guest to arrive in town without air conditioning or heat!


Joining as a Gold Star Member comes with a long list of advantages. Before allowing the replacement of components or equipment under the warranty policy, every HVAC system manufacturer will want to verify that the equipment is properly maintained. You can always rely on A Star to do your routine HVAC maintenance.

Ductwork inspection

In the case of allergies or asthma in your family, having your ducts cleaned is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your loved ones’ health. Not only will everyone be able to breathe easier, but the performance of your HVAC system will improve as well.

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